Stone Fabrication

ReplaceAIR offers Environmental Equipment for the Granite Dust Control and Granite Water Treatment especially for the Counter Top Fabrication Market. This includes Granite, Marble, Tile and Engineered Stones.

FOR DUST COLLECTION, the ReplaceAIR is the standard for this industry to Control Airborne Silica Dust using either the open faced 6 or 8 cartridge Self Cleaning Cartridge Unit – ReplaceAIR™.

This Ultra High Efficiency Unit at 99.97% efficiency on respirable fraction crystalline silica and other stone dusts is the system that meets OSHA tough standards for Silica. When used (as recommended) in a “Dry Room” Enclosed Negative Pressure design for maximum confinement of the dusts and controllable air patterns, this unit will meet all OSHA standards. The operators have to work facing the unit and not behind each other and this easy layout is very workable.

The Silica based stones represent the very hazardous application of exposure to air born silica. Water Curtains are not efficient (not even close) to the requirements of OSHA in this hard stone fabrication industry.

FOR WATER TREATMENT, there is a full line of units sized at 10, 50, 100 and 150 gallons per minute. The MINI KLEEN represents the smallest most economical unit available for start up or smaller shops (at 10-12 gallons per minute).


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