ReplaceAIR Open-Face Cartridge Units

The ReplaceAIR™ Open Faced Environmental Work Station with “twin duct connection option” illustrates the flexibility of the ReplaceAIR unit. Either use this unit as an open face work station or “Close Up” the louvers and use the unit as a Lo-Profile ducted Cartridge Collector with Pulse Self Cleaning.

Innovative features include the highest energy self cleaning available with a variable throat Venturi and Pulse Cone by Goyen and the “Roll Out Cart” design with receiving boxes to recover/handle the pulsed off dust.

These Units stop 99.97% of submicron or larger dusts that collect on the cartridges. Proper air flow and capture of the dust is essential to take full advantage of this equipment and follow the OSHA guidelines.

As an Environmental Work Station with the Air Guide Wings, this exclusive innovative design allows for many new applications that were previously not available with roofed enclosures. The Unit can be made portable and allows for open table dust generating work to be done near the front inlet of the Collector.

A popular design is to bank a few of these side by side to create an “AIR Capture Wall” to provide the best non-enclosure type design available.

Unit available with different front grill and spark trap options for metal working conditions.

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