HydroAIR Wet Collector With Sludge Ejector

As a need was shown for “Sludge Ejection” Systems for heavy loading applications, ReplaceAIR designed the heaviest duty sludge ejector available in this CFM sized Collector Market Segment.

ALSO, real innovation was accomplished by making this Sludge Ejector in a “Cassette Design”, where just the Sludge Ejector Assembly can be pulled out with a Fork Truck for easy service. This is done by removing a few bolts and quick disconnection of electrical and the whole assembly is out in the open.

NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY does this, all other units require a man to crawl into the collector to service and repair the chain, bearings or ejector slats. This requires “Confined Space Qualification and Skills”, which should be used but seldom is.

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