Water Treatment

With the dominance of the Dust and Silica Collectors in the Stone (Granite/Marble/Limestone) Fabrication industry, it was inevitable that our company was requested to engineer and supply new and user friendly Stone Slurry Water Treatment and Mud Handling System.

Our Engineers went to work for a year analyzing the market place and selected the design that fits this industry (not over kill but exactly the efficiency that the industry needed to do full recirculation of the slurry water.

A major problem in this industry is how to handle the thus collected Slurry Mud after it is separated from the water and we addressed that with a patent pending “sequential mud slug drop” on an adjustable timed basis. This along with appropriate “de-hydration” bags has taken this industry by total surprise. An economical Water Treatment and Mud Handling Unit is designed for the industry and not modified from another type of application.

Nevertheless, the FloKLEEN Unit offers particulate separation from fluids that is applicable to other industries yet to be developed.

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