ReplaceAIR™ also Schubert Environmental Equipment was started in 1979 by John Schubert, an Engineer who brought years of experience to the Industrial Air Cleaning and Water Pollution Control fields.

Jon Josefek, the present Owner, also has decades of experience in these fields, plus has managed Technical and Manufacturing for the HydroAIR and ReplaceAIR Product Lines.

John Schubert and Keek Vaughan continue active in the business and available on a daily basis to assist you with any technical questions you may have. Schubert Environmental Expertise has provided Customers effective NFPA/OSHA/EPA approved solutions, for over 44 years.

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Trademarked as ReplaceAIR, has been an innovative leader in Distributing, Representing, Installing, Servicing, Engineering and Manufacturing Environmental Equipment and Systems for Air and Water Requirements.

In the last couple Decades, ReplaceAIR has specialized and introduced State of the Art Designs in Wet Dust Collection with its Patent Pending Removeable and Variable Performance Scrub Modules plus Centrifugal Post Scrub Mist Eliminators.

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