Flammable Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication industry has to deal with aluminum, magnesium and titanium, and is exposed to many standards set by the NFPA 484 for Explosive Combustible Metal Dust.

Machining, grinding and related work on these metals generates a dust that is flammable/explosive and needs to be collected and stored under water to prevent spark ignition of the gathered material.

The HydroAIR Wet Downdraft Table is explicitly designed to address these safety and code requirements at a reasonable cost.

The HydroAIR Units are available with or without automatic options that offer the buyer features that address budgetary requirements. NFPA 484 requires, for these Dust Applications, an interlocked starter and auto water level control for auto shut off if there is a water or blower issue. Additional for Magnesium Dust is the 24-7 Powered Ventilation Secondary Fan.

Protect Yourself with a ReplaceAIR™.


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