Schubert Environmental Equipment -- ReplaceAIR® is a leading Manufacturer of “Wet Scrubbers and Wet Downdraft Tables” and other Dust/Smoke Control Units, Ventilation and Water Treatment Equipment. Engineering Studies and Turnkey Installation Services are a mainstay of the company.

denso hydroair-wet-collector-ducted
denso hydroair-wet-collector-ducted
denso hydroair-wet-collector-ducted
Sikorsky HydroAIR Booth finished pic front
micro nice install
Meridian Magn. single tables hi res (002)
HA Wet Tables 3 identical nice aa
GulfTech 4 GAs A LoRes
Fintech Loaded form above A BEST


Schubert Environmental Equipment has introduced a new Concept to Wet Collector Technology. Insertable Removeable Variable Performance Scrub Modules

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HydroAIR® Downdraft
Wet Table

Designed to safely Collect and Store Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium Dusts, this equipment is in full compliance with NFPA 484 Regulations

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The Industry is now requiring greater safety in Fume and Dust Control with capture and cleaning by means of isolating and collecting contaminated air from rest of the Facility.

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Ducted HydroAIR®
Wet Collector

These Collectors (often customized for tough requirements) offer high static pressure capabilities and numerous options for Self Cleaning. In Stainless, life expectancy can be 50 plus years.

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HydroAIR® Wet Collector

This Cassette designed removable Sludge Ejector is extraordinarily heavy built and represents the sturdiest quality in the under 20,000 cfm unit market. The 4,000 cfm unit uses same chain as most other 20-40,000 cfm units.

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ReplaceAIR® Open-Face
Work Stations

These Unit are 99.97 % efficient on Sub-Micron Dusts and Smoke. Used in Booths or Open Areas for Silica, Welding, Grinding and other difficult applications. Auto or Manual initiated Pulse Self Cleaning.

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FloKLEEN Mini Water
Treatment Systems

Seeing a need for “entry level” or small shop (12 gpm) Water Closed Cycle Cleaning (Granite, Marble and other Stone Industry), this unit fits in the back of Pick Up Truck.

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Schubert Environmental Equipment places a large emphasis on its two Self Cleaning Designs for HydroAIR® (ducted Wet Collectors) and has “Industry Leading Designs” for Sludge Removal Drag Systems

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The Schubert Environmental Equipment (SEE) Division, Metalwright Fabrication, has the ability to CAD design Specialty sheet metal and light Structural Products.

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Since the Company’s founding in 1979, Schubert Environmental Equipment endeavors to lead, in its Specialty Products, with the Latest Collector Designs.

In the Dust and Combustible Dust Generation Industry, this has meant new Patents with features that have enabled HydroAIR to now put Wet Collectors on Dust Applications that have never been viable for this type Collector Equipment.

Schubert Environmental Equipment has now Patented a Revolutionary New Concept for Wet Dust Collectors and opens up many new Applications like Soluble Aerosols, soluble and non-soluble Food and Grain Dusts and other.

HydroAIR Units are now a “Shell” that can be loaded with a choice of Insertable/Variable Performance Scrub Modules and Mist Eliminator Designs. This allows for quick and easy removal of the Scrub Elements/Mist Eliminators for cleaning and maintenance instead of the “welded in” Impellers that the entire industry has and is using for last 100 years.

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