Schubert Environmental Equipment places a large emphasis on its two Self Cleaning Designs for HydroAIR® (ducted Wet Collectors) and has “Industry Leading Designs” for Sludge Removal Drag Systems (fully removeable Cassette Design) as well as “Tap Off” diaphragm Pump Out Hopper Designs. The Sludge Ejector Option for HydroAIR® uses the heaviest chain in the industry and offers a totally Removal Module for ease in the maintenance and repair on the eventual wear of this type of sludge removal system.

Another option is the Scrub Water Tap-Off Hopper Design for greater cubic footage and depth of the Scrub Tank to use on applications where there is large amount of “Low Mass Density” material being collected. As this material has a slow drop rate in suspended form, the Tap Off of a few GPM out of the tank keeps this material from building up concentration and into an easier to manage light sludge water form, pumped out with a heavy-duty Diaphragm Pump.